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End of PF. Temperature up or down?


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Hi there, I've read a few differing opinions on this, so it would be great to get a definitive answer if there is one.


I have a Becks style brew on the go, using Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsener etc.

it is nearing the end of primary fermentation and wondering whether to bring the temp down or let it go up a bit? (or leave it as is) I've read some articles saying bring it down a lot (what temp?) and others say to bring it up to let the yeast clean up the beer.


I have it hovering around 19 at the mo. Which I'm hoping is correct (I'm going against the tin directions of fermenting at 22-30)


I'm assuming any advice I get would also apply to other brews like Ales?


Cheers in advance jay

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If you were doing a Lager (which a Pilsner is usually) using Lager yeast then a Diacetyl rest is usually mentioned. (Lager yeast is fermented at around 12 degrees).


When I've brewed ales I don't bother raising the temp, just leave it for a few days after FG has been reached, then crash chill to clear it.


Your temp sounds much better than the 22-30 of the tin. For a Pilsner you want a clean crisp taste which Lager yeast is good at doing.

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