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More grain?

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Merry Christmas to you all,


More questions from the grain and hop novice. I am going to put down a lager today, In fact a Coopers European lager, fermented 12C. A bit of advice would be great!


Proposed recipe below:


1 Can Cooper European Lager

1 Can Coopers Light Malt Extract

200g Munich

200g Pale

15g Hallertau

15 Saaz

S23 Lager Yeast




1. How much water do I require for wort?

2. Should I steep or boil, how long?

3. At what temperature should I do this at?

4. At what stages would you add these hops?

5. Is the grain I am using appropriate?

6. Are the hops I am using appropriate?

7. What would be my expected SG?

8. How much grain equals, say 100g dextrose?


All help/advice is appreciated.






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Hi Sticky.


Umm, the grains you've selected are base malts which will require mashing to convert starches to sugars. Not only that but you'd generally use loads more of them to get that "mashy fresh" flavour. [love] This maybe more of an advanced recipe than what you are after, or maybe not?


You will get good results just steeping 300g of Carapils with the recipe instead of the Munich & Pale.


However, having never brewed a Lager I should probably shut up and leave this one for someone else. [bandit]


BTW your choice in hops seems fine for the style.


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