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Motueka Slam IPA - Has anyone used an unhopped malt base?


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Hi all


I ordered some Motueka with the intention of doing PB2's Motueka Slam IPA. However now that I am in the midst, well almost gone, of changing to brewing with unhopped malt extract I was wondering if someone had modified this one.


I could adapt another recipe, just wondering what others have done [unsure], especially seeing all the big wraps for the IPA can based original.

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Hi Scottie.


I know it's a little away from the TC IPA can base you are talking about, but our good forum buddy the Canuck (Canadian Eh!L), has a very interesting IPA recipe he posted a lil while back that I bookmarked.


It does sound really nice & the Canuck really rates it. I'm gonna brew it within the next month or so. I just haven't made the time to do it yet because of other factors. One of those being I can't just walk out my back door & chop down an oak tree for my brew wood chips like Chad (Captain Canuck) can! Hehe [lol]




Captain Canuck quote: "...Truth, justice, & the Canadian way! A bit of an oxy-moron statement I know, but what are you gonna do Eh!?" [lol] [biggrin]


You may even be able to modify it with your Motueka hops & make it even better! [cool]


On paper it looks a winner. Give it a go! [biggrin]


Edit: Oops! Here's the Recipe link (Post#9)





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Once you get some bittering and flavor boils going on it'll be easy enough to make something great with unhopped extract.


here's a boil schedule I grabbed off the internet at some stage, and it would probably go great with the slam of 80g moteuka dryhopping:


45g cascade @60 min

25g amarillo @ 15 min

15g cascade @15min

15g cascade @5min

15g amarillo @5min

80g moteuka dryhop


I'd probably aim for about 1.050 OG and US05 yeast

a bit of roasted barley for colour and some carapils/crystal for body and head

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