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Adam's CrAzY recipe's continue - Dark Cerveza

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Hola Amigo's!

So, I have the Cerveza can that I was going to do for SWMBO, but we've decided she won't drink it fast enough to make it worthwhile me making it in the "standard" way. So I had a thought about what goes into Mexican food, and would also go well in a Dark Cerveza. Cinnamon and cocoa of course! And maybe some chilli [bandit]

And then I found this [w00t]


Might try and find some chipotle peppers...


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Hola my evil two-legged twin! [lol]


You do crack me up with some of the ingredients you are willing to experiment with & throw into a brew.


I did have a look at the link, and most of those ingredients I would be more than happy to rub on a bit of steak before I grilled it, & have with a beer, but would be reluctant to rub on the inside of my FV to mix in with a brew! [pinched]


You certainly do come up with some interesting ingredients for your brews. [tongue]


Good luck with this one.





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So,I was thinking something along the lines of this....


1 x Coopers Cerveza

1kg DME (if I were to do a mini-mash what would be an equivalent amount of pale malt?)

200g chocolate wheat malt

100g black patent malt

Maybe some additional hops boiled up to up the IBU


Quantities and method to be determined....



Smoked Chipotle Chilli's


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