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3Kg Coopers amber malt extract


200g dark dried malt


250g dried malt additive


40g Fuggles hops (bittering)


30g Willamette hops (flavouring)


1tsp Irish moss


Wyeast1084 (Irish Ale)


Mix the two malts with your hot water in a boiler. Bring to the boil and add the bittering hops and boil for one hour. Add the aroma hops and Irish moss and boil for a further 15 mins. Cool the wort as close to 18\xbaC as possible. Ferment as per normal. When finished, rack and let stand for a further two weeks at least. Rack again, bulk prime with light dried malt and bottle, leaving for at least three months before sampling.


i saw on a post this recipe mentioned, did any one make it or played around with it

i have made it a couple of times and i liked it,the volume is for 25lts i used safale yeast

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