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English Bitter Kit


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So had planned to make the Hop Gobbler Ale but have gone away from it after some comments on the outcome. Have an english bitter kit lying around now, anyone got any recipe ideas/suggestions to use it up?




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Hey AB

Plenty. What sort of Brew do you have in mind?

The EB can makes a great base for a Porter, I've done it twice and everyone who tastes it wants to take the rest home.

But while the Porter is tricked up a fair bit, I reckon the EB can goes well with a lighter touch of specialty grains, up to 350g, and some mild late hopping. I have one now which is pretty damn good especially now after 14 weeks in teh Keg;


Thames Valley Red (On tap)

1.7kg Coopers English Bitter

500g Coopers LDM

300g Dextrose

350g Cara Red

125m Wyeast 1275

20g Willamette @ 5 minutes

15g Willamette @ 3 minutes

OG 1.037

Yeast pitched at 16'C, fermented 4 days as 16'C then 18'C.

FG 1.006.

Tapped keg at 9 weeks.


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Have done a heap of EB's and love 'em all.

Most based on this simple recipe:

EB can

1kg light dried malt

200g crystal grains

200-300g dextrose

It works brilliantly with some hops too - bramling cross, fuggles, styrian goldings, EK goldings, williamette.

Kit yeast works fine.

Have also done a few porters with the EB can and Scottie's recipe above looks damn nice ...


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I would make an English Bitter rather than a porter just to get an idea of what the kit is like.


Steve's recipe and hop choices are good. Nice and simple and will allow the kit to shine.


Windsor or S-04 yeast fermented at 20 degrees will also be good.


If you can get your hands on some Heritage Crystal made from Marris Otter I would recommend that.


Scottie's recipe looks really nice too.

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