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I have a Cracker Kit Brew in the FV


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Brewing Pale Ales again and loving it. This one tasted so good at the SG sampling yesterday that I don't even wanna bottle it before I drink it. Most often, with enough TLC, they get better after bottled and carbed so I can't wait [love]


TCS 1296 Pale Ale

Coopers Australian Pale Ale

500 g Briess Bavarian Wheat

480g Light Dry Malt

120g Dextrose

275g Crystal 270

10g Topaz @ 12 mins

25g Cascade @9 mins

25g Southern Saaz @6 mins

180ml 1056 yeast rinsed from the trub & pitched at 20'C

OG 1.046 SG at day 11 is 1.009.


This brew was supposed to be a TCW 1296 but when I went to my hop freezer I was clean out of Willamette. I have heard good things, locally, about the Bushy Park Southern Saaz so I thought I'd give it ago. It was too late to back out anyway, as the brew was well under way with the steeped wort building up to the boil and a third hop needed.


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Good name too' date=' although you will change it 5 times before you are finished. Sorry, that's your name that keeps changing [biggrin']

Good Point Hairy [lol]

I think now though I've got the hang of this forum thing. If your name is Fred and you like being called Freddie then make that your forum handle. Doesn't matter if you put your real name in your signature, if your handle is "I Love Hops", dudes will say I agree with what "I" is saying. That confuses the hell out me [annoyed]


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