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Lemon Infused Beer


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Hi Jimmy78


Muddy would say something like, "Get rid of the Missus & brew some real beer". [lol]


On a serious note, I'd probably start with a Coopers Mexican cerveza kit tin & a box of Coopers BE2.

Cut the rind off 2 lemons, & add to a small handful of Kaffir Lime leaves, then gently simmer them in a 1 litre to a litre & a half of boiling water for about 10-15 mins, then turf the whole mixture into your fermenter (bits & all) with the Cerveza brew kit & the BE2. Ferment that & bottle.


If that's a bit hard, just go "traditionale`" & ferment the Coopers Cerveza + BE2 & when you actually drink the beer, cut a slice of lemon or lime & slide it into the bottle & drink.




Hope that helps.



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