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Wanted-Clear Carbonated Cider Recipe


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Hey PP Just use:

3 x Berri Apple & Pear Juice 2.4L

6 x ALDI Apple Juice 2L


USE any Apple Juice Muddy except ALDI,lets try & keep some products Australian Made.

If you want you can sweeten a bit with lactose. Just substitute the brand name juices I have listed with any suitable pasteurised juice you have available in SA.


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I said the ALDI bit not sure why we have 3 different posts allin 1[rightful] [rightful] [rightful]


You need to put your comments outside the quote tags [rightful]


Being in South Africa I really don't think PaulPablo will be striving to buy Australian made [lol] ....as for me I just buy the right product for the job at the right price.


PaulPablo - My understanding is that it is safer to use pasteurised juice to avoid infection. But my knowledge of cider is limited to the fact that I don't like it so you might want to dig deeper.


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BAHAHAHAHAHAH![biggrin]That cider might just cost me a arm and a leg if i have to import all my juices from Aus,will rather stay with our local ciders Savanna,Hunters Gold and Hunters Dry then if I really feel like a cider on the night,more of a beer person.


Think for now i'll stick with the beer..Ciders sounds like a hit or miss..Some our "ok" and the rest is just dry and un-drinkable..

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I don't know how clear it is going to be but I am going to give this cider a shot tomorrow:


9.6L Apple Juice

7.2L Apple & Pear Juice

1kg Light Dry Malt

250g Caramalt malt - steeped in 2L & rinsed with 1L

20g East Kent Goldings @ 15mins

US-05 yeast


It is my first full batch of cider after using oztops for the past year, hopefully she turns out ok.

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