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Modified Coopers Lager Kit


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Hi Brewers


For my 2nd Brew ever i had a Coopers Lager kit laying around i got with the kit.(decided to do a MExican cerveza first)..So I decided i wanted to tweak it a little.After getting few tips from you guys and my local shop,this is what I used..


x1 Coopers Lager

x1 Coopers BE2

x1 Safale US-05 yeast

x1 500g Crystal 60 malt

x1 50g Hallertauer Mittelfruher Hops


Very keen to see how it will come out..[bandit]

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First steeped the crystal at round about 77 degrees celius,then took the crystals out,then btought that mix up to boil and added 30g of hops for 10 min and then added the 20g for another 5min..All in all did the hops 15min...Then added that lot to my main mix of 23 liters...


Does that sound right?

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I did something similar with my Kit can(Lager kit). It came out pretty good. Kinda like a Brownish Ale. I used Saaz tho. Im sure it will taste great with Hallertauer also. Is a great hop for light-brown or light colored beers. So far ive loved them both hops.


How long did you boil that mini wort where u added the hops ? just 15 ? I didnt quite got your hop times.


Other than that, pretty good initiative, ull love specialty grains + hops on your kits.


Happy brewing!

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