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Hi Fellow Brewers,


Returned to brewing after a break o/s so decided to go on a European tour......

1st Stop: Ireland and brewed a Irish Red Ale (McCaffrey's Style).

2nd Stop: Popped into Sweden for a Pear Cider (Rekorderlig-like).

3rd Stop: How could you go on a beer tour without stopping in Belgium. Put down the Belgium Trippel today.


Next Stop is going to be Germany so I thought a dark Doppelbock with chocolate and honey notes would be good. I know these flavours work well with a porter but want to stay in the Europe tradition. Anyone got a great recipe....preferably with a Extract base + additions?


Brew on!


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I spoke to my local brew shop about building a Belgium tripel and he suggested the Brewferm Tripel extract with 500g of Clear Candy Sugar. I wanted to change the make-up as it only makes 9 litres but he basically said "these guys have been making these for years".....i.e. if it aint broken don't fix it. I must say it smells amazing.


The Cider is easy: Cider concentrate (or kit) or just straight Apple or Apple/Pear juice (no preservatives) to about 1/2 of your batch volume then water. Brew at around 24 degrees.

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I have found a recipe for a dark dopplebock but I haven't made it.


4.5kg Light liquid malt extract

450g Carabohemian Malt

450g Caraaroma Malt

225g Carafa I


Northern Brewer hops - 20g @ 45 min

Tettnang or Spalt - 28g @ flameout


Yeast - S-23

21 litres


You could tweak that recipe for the chocolatey honey flavour.

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Thanks for the response. I went with the ESB Bavarian Bock extract, adding 1/2 kg of light malt and 50g of drinking chocolate for flavour. Brewing 15 litres now and smells amazing. OG is 1073 so should be just over 8% after carbonating sugar.

Where to next of the European Tour? Maybe a Eastern European Pilsner.

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