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cottees apple cordial in cider


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I'm going to throw this out there, its a bit different just wanted people opinions.


I know its far better to use all apple juice to make up the cider, but I had an idea (probably stupid idea) and wondered what people thought.


I have used Blackrocks apple cider kit in the past along with 3L Juice and 1kg of Dex with some pretty good results.


I was wondering would cottees apple cordial give the cider more apple taste?

Or do bugger all for the taste, just boost the the alcohol content.


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it has Sodium metabisulphate and Sodium Benzoate in it, both like to kill yeast [crying]


You could add it to your cider when it hits a prefered gravity to kill the yeast and keep in the residual sweetness/apple flavour but I dont know what flavours it will introduce.

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