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Chili tripel recipe?


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I once used a quarter of a teaspoon of chilli flakes in a dark ale with ginger, juniper berries, cinnamon, Star Anise and cocoa powder( it was called "Goat Scrotum Ale " and the chilli completely overpowered all of the other ingredients I put in.[devil] Its finally mellowed out after 3 months. I like chillies but I am hesitant to use them again.

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Sorry Henrik, I can't help you with this one.


I have only tried one beer with chilli in it and it was [sick]


I'm not sure if this was indicative of all chilli beers but it has turned me off them.

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I had this wrote down from my old LHBS in Canberra, the brew I made was awefull as I didnt use temperature control in those days but have kept this recipe on to make in the future.


Make up a high gravity wort (1.08+)

5kg Pilsen DME

500g Vienna steeped

250g Carapils steeped (Chilli oils would affect your head)

500g Clear Candi sugar

35g Tetnanger 60mins

25g Saaz 30mins

15g Saaz 15mins

Make a 2L starter from WLP530 or Wyeast 1762 (important)


I knocked this up so you can play with the numbers a little

Not 100% sure on the Chilli additions, there seems to be debate on adding to the boil, adding to secondary and adding a chilli stright to the bottle. Theres also a lot of discussion on heat/chilli types, some people dont like a 'fire' beer, some do. I suppose it all comes down to your taste mate.

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