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English bitter


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I guess the point's redundant now... and sorry to be an arsehole here, but you could always use the search box at the bottom of the webpage.


For some reason that I can't quite understand, people seem to bag the search function, but if you type "English bitter", there's a whole thread already dedicated to suggestions for the English Bitter can.

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The purists will mock me Allan but I reckon the following makes a fine beer:


1 can EB

1kg LDM

250g Dex

20g Cascade dry hopped

Yeast of your choice


Simple and good [biggrin]...you can even drink it cold [innocent]


Sounds good, except that I'd sub EKG for the Cascade. Cascade will still make a very nice beer though, if you don't mind it being "out of style".

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Here's my latest and greatest recipe with the E. Bitter (it happens to have Cascade and EKG in it) it goes like this:


Parsontown porter


1.7Kg E. Bitter

566g Amber Malt LME

200g Molasses

150g 20L crystal

150g Carapils

50g Roasted Barely

20g Cascade (15mins)

13g EKG (10mins)

11g N. Brewer's (10mins)

21L water



It's pretty darn good even though its totally "out of style"![biggrin] [innocent]


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