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Wells Landing English Ale

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Hey Gang,


Put this one down today. It's a 1st attempt at a Wells Bombardier clone.


1.7 E. Bitter

500g LDM

274g 40L Crytal

200g Dex

150g Carapils

15g Challeger (20mins)

12g Challenger (15mins)

10g EKG (F-Out)

?g EKG (dry hop)

7g Cooper's ale yeast (F-out as nutrient)

23L water

11.5G S-04 pitched @ 22C cooled to 19C


Any Wells Bomb fans out there other than me? How do you think this one might turn out? Should I dry hop and how much? I would like it to be close to the real thing.

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Looks good Chad; I enjoy the Wells Bombardier.


The few bottles I have had were around 5%. Your version is bit less than that.


I can't recall the aroma (if any) so it might not be to style; but I think dry hopping 20-25g EKG would be a nice touch.

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Hey Hairy,


I've calculated this one out to be 4.5% before bottling so it's close (WB 5.2%).


There really isn't a lot of hop aroma to the WB. It's more of a malty, fruity thing going on. I am tempted though to hit it with some dry hops. I do hesitate though because the the E. Bitter can is suppose to have some late S. Goldings already pack into the kit. If i was to add too much it might spoil the effect I'm after.[unsure]


Another interesting observation that I have made in my research of the brew is that in older bottles that I have collected over the years the recipe says it is hopped with Challeger and Goldings. More recently the recipe calls for Challenger and Fuggles.[pinched] Somewhere along the line they changed the late hops from golding to fuggles![surprised Can you do that?


Anyways, I'm expecting good thing with this one whether it a WB clone or not. I think I'll hit it with some more hops! It is the Home Brewer's way after all. Isn't it?[devil]

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Even if it doesn't end up an exact clone it should still be nice.


If you find that you nail the malt and hops in this one then perhaps you should try it again with a nice english ale liquid yeast.


Good luck with it.

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