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Dark IPA

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Hi all. So I'm thinking of having a play with my next brew and try to make a dark IPA - not a black one, but if it's near that it's OK.

I have had a play with the beer designer spreadsheet and came up with the following:

1 x Can TC IPA

1 x Can TC Liquid Dark Malt Extract

500g LDME

300g Dextrose


The calculations give:

OG = 1.064

FG = 1.016

ABV = 6.7%

IBU = 44.3

EBC = 91.5 (nice and dark)


Is the bitterness too low? I love a good bitter IPA [love]

The recipe for Authentic IPA is similar to this but I've added the dark malt extract.


Any advice is appreciated.


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Hey Adam


The style guidelines for an IPA state that the IBUs for an IPA should be between 40 and 60. I guess then it's up to you if you want to go for a little more bitterness.


I've never used the Coopers IPA kit, but you could kill two birds with one stone by using some flavouring hops and boil for ~15 minutes or so. This way you can get the flavour of your favourite hops into your beer (e.g. cascade etc. if you want and American IPA, or Fuggles etc. if you want an English one) and a little more bitterness. I'm sure that there would be folks out there who would suggest Nelson Sauvin or Galaxy too.


e.g. in the post about my yet to be made Black IPA (waiting for a cooler day in Adelaide), I'm planning to use some Citra boiled for 15-30 mins.


Worth a thought, but I think your IPA sounds fine without extra hops/ bitterness.



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Thanks Dyl. I've been thinking bout the fuggles. I might give the recipe above a go and see how it pans out, then experiment with som fuggles second time round.

As long as it don't taste like shite that is...


I'll be very interested to hear how yours turns out too, so keep us updated.



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Will be starting this on the weekend, pending the weather - don't want it to be too hot. It's meant to be raining and 27 then some rainy 23 days, so should be OK [happy] Hopefully it doesn't get too cold [lol]

I'm hoping the ginger beer I just bottled doesn't taint the beer too much[unsure]

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Dark India Pale Ale. Would not the appellation be IDA? It's like the new Black IPA's (AKA Cascadian Dark Ale), should they not be named IBA's? [pinched]


I feel the extra maltiness from the dark malt may need more IBU's for balance, especially seeing as you will be finishing at around 1.016

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I have this "Dark" IPA experiment on the brew at the moment. I used the following:

1 x TC IPA

1 x TC Liquid Dark Malt Extract

500 g Dextrose

Topped up to to 20L.


Pitched the yeast at 22 degrees, and am trying to maintain temp around 20 degrees with my primitive measures (sleeping bag on the FV at night). I specifically waited till this week and it's low-mid 20's in Melbourne for the week, so keeping low shouldn't be too hard.


OG was 1.057 (calculate 1.058 so pretty happy with the calcs)


Lot of foam going on yesterday when I got home from Super Bowl party, and it's starting to come down now.

It's very very dark [ninja]

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Took the Krausen collar out yesterday and nearly lost the ability to smell, such was the smell of "alcohol" trapped under the lid.

Checked the SG level while I was at and had a test taste, seems to be quite nice even at this early stage. Will definitely benefit from some storage though.

The SG was 1.015 - only day 3 though so won't both recording that value

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  • 1 month later...

So, this beer has been bottle for almost a month (1 day shy today). I tested a bottle on the 9th and it was ok - drinkable, but nothing special. Had another yesterday with a mate and it was very very different.

It's a pitch black brew - no light (even when held up to the sun) penetrates the glass. The malt taste is quite high - so high you can't notice the bitterness. But if you try something else then come back you can tell it is bitter.

Again because of the amount of malt it is fairly sweet.


It's quite a nice "Dark Ale" but not what I would call a Black IPA. If I were to do it again I would definitely add extra hops, some for additional bitterness as well as some for aroma and flavour.

I love hops [love]

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