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Purcell Pale Ale

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Hey Gang,


This is the brew I put down on New Years Day. It's my first attempt on my favourite Pale Ale.


Purcell Pale Ale


2.5Kg LDM

566g Liquid Amber malt

300g Crystal malt 40L

28g Magnum (30mins)

20g Perle (28mins)

42g Cascade (5mins)

42g Cascade (Flame-out)

23L water

wyeast 1056 pitched @ 18C


OG 1.051 SG 1.010

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[lol] Pretty good guess, Bill! You must have done something similar before.


This is my 1st try with Magnum as well. I just bottled it today. The sample tasted pretty darn good when I was bottling. we'll see in a couple of weeks.[joyful]


Thanks, Muddy![cool] Glad to hear it!

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