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Since ive got a thing for IPA's and amarillo hops at the moment [love], I thought I would try and brew an extract IPA for my next one. So far, Ive come up with the following:


23L Batch


2x Coopers LME Amber Ale 1.5KG


500g Dextrose


40G Centennial @ 60min

40G Amarillo @ 30 Min

40G Cascade @ 20 Min

30G Amarillo @ 10 Min


Est. IBU - 49.3

Est. ABV after priming - 6.9%

Est. OG - 1.065

Est. FG - 1.015


4 Litre boil (trying to keep volume down as much as possible to help me cool the wort before pitching since its damn hot at the moment, not sure if this will work considering the extended boil time, may boil off quite a bit of liquid here)


What do you guys reckon? Any suggestions?

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Assuming you are planning to put some extract in with the boil - go for a ratio of 400g (LDME) to 4 litres.


I'd like to see all the hop additions moved 10mins to the right -50, 20, 10, and 0. Then remove from the heat, cover and leave to steep for about 15 mins.


Stick the whole pot into a sink full of cold water to cool it down prior to adding to the FV.

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Also you need to remember that the bigger the boil the better hop utilization you will get. Just something you will need to trade off with chilling it I guess.


Even a 6-8L boil would be better and chill some water in the fridge to add to the FV. Then you won't need to chill it down so far in the sink..... nevertheless, obviously just do what works best in your situation


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Thanks for the info Paul and Bill.

I will shift the hop additions 10min and try chilling the pot in some ice water as suggested.


Should have this one on after I get back from tamworth in a couple of weeks (still waiting for current batch to finish up and prob wont have time between now and next friday).


I have also got hold of some zythos hop pellets, apparently these are a mixture of "C" hops and are intended to be used as a single addition in IPA's. I may give these a whirl instead of the amarillo, will let you guys know how they go [biggrin]

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