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Hop Flowers


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Some time back I made a Tooheys Draught with 1kg LDME

20g Cascade 10 min-20g Nelson 10 min -15g Nelson F/O

23L Cultured Yeast

Nice drop.

Decided to make it again, made another stuff up.

Thought I had 2 packets of LDME, but alas had only one, what to do?

Looked up to the shelf, had a LME, chucked that in only to discover it was WME.


Also the first time I made it I had Nelson pellet hops, this time another mistake of mine I had Nelson Hop flowers, used the same weight. Tasted it out of the FV when bottling, boy is that Nelson strong.

Is there supposed to be a big difference between flowers and pellets?

By the way this stuff up taste pretty good.


The Pet Weggl



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