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Store cupboard brew?


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Hi again all.


The better half is having her pre christmas clear out and I've found the folowing.

1 basic bitter kit

450g honey

450g black treacle

500g dark muscovano cane sugar

500g demerera sugar.


Will any combo of that lot make a good beer?


Ta in advance

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I don't know about a combination of those ingredients but I can't see why they wouldn't be any good by themselves. No harm in experimenting, you may crack a pearler!!


I would probably try an English Bitter with the bitter kit (unknown type as you haven't mentioned it) and treacle and bulk prime with Muscovano. I probably wouldn't use demerera, but that's just me. Don't be heavy handed with the Treacle.


Keep your honey for another day and make some scones or pancakes/pikelets and sprinkle the demerera on top. [biggrin]

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