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Alpha Ale Dreaming

Adam W

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Just like to get some thoughts on this recipe, my second extract, and basically just using what i have on hand - dreaming of a Matilda Bay Alpha Ale I enjoyed ( but no idea how to get close);


2kg Pilsner DME

1kg Coppers LDME

.500g dex

.150g Victory malt

20g super Alpha @ 30

20g Amarillo @ 15

15g Hallertau @5

option of dry hopping one of these hops or some Saaz

WL 001 California Ale yeast


Thinking of switching 1kg of coopers ldme for the pilsner dme or ditching the dextrose for dme.


I need all the help I can get!


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Its been a while since I've had one of these puppies so I can't recall the flavour. I don't think there is any Hallertau or Saaz in an Alpha though. I've read that it is Amarillo and Cascade hops for flavouring.


Without commenting on whether it is an Alpha clone, the recipe looks good. It might not be the same as the Alpha but still a good beer.


I would stick with the LDME and the dextrose.


I remember it being quite bitter though, like an IPA. You may want to increase your boil time for the first addition.

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