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Hey all im planning on putting a brew down next weekend (this will be my 5th!)


Iv played around with some hop boils etc but im yet to make a brew with the only hop additions being dry hops?


Everyone says it adds aroma but im just curious as to how much flavour it will add if any?


I know it will change with the amount you dry hop with i was thinking of putting down something like this:


Coopers OS Draught

800g LDM

200g Wheat dry malt extract (should i drop this and just use 1kg LDM? will be the first time using wheat extract)

200g Dex

25g Centennial pellets dry hopped

Filled to 21 litres

Might use US-05


Im also curious as to when is the best/safest time to dry hop as it seems everyone has different opinions and im sketchy about oxidisation


Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated!



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Hey David,


I think that recipe sounds great! I wouldn't mind trying that one.[joyful] I might go with 1Kg LDM 200g W. Malt and scratch the dex. I think I'd make it to 23L. Maybe not though, 21L might be nice. Go for the US-05 its a good yeast for that recipe.


Dry Hop when the krausen dies back (3-5 days)

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Aroma plays a very big part in flavour.

So, added aroma, as per late additions or dry hopping does, as you suggest, adjust flavour.

Centennial (one of my favourites), is primarily a bittering hop but is big on aroma - citrus, floral, slight spice...

25 grams is a good starting point, I recently dry hopped an American IPA with 54 grams and found it quite grassy after a month conditioning, much improved after 4 months.


Centennial is used often in American wheat beers, seeing as you haven't brewed with wheat before, why not go 50/50 with the LDM?

I doubt 200 grams would be very perceptible.


Try to use the Safale US-05, if not, Coopers re-cultured will also do a nice job


Very nice sounding recipe, nicely balanced! Around 5% ABV in the bottle and 25 IBU


I have all these ingredients (450 grams of Centennial arrived yesterday!), a day off and a fermenter about to be emptied...





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Thanks guys ill put this one down next weekend ! Im just curious to have a play with wheat malt, the first commercial iv had that uses a noticable amount of wheat malt (that isnt technically a wheat beer) is Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, quite nice although it could definately have more galaxy in it IMO

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... Stone and Wood Pacific Ale...


Nice drop... Had it when it used to be called Draught Ale and was very fresh - full of hops! Had one recently it tasted like it was lacking in hop aroma.


If that is the style you are looking for, definitely raise the wheat from 200g


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Everytime I just "chuck" them in I have constant troubles with them blocking the bottler when it comes time to bottle.

Due to this, I would suggest wrapping them very lose in a new (fresh out of packet) Chux cloth or a sterile muslin, cheese cloth, stocking, fine mesh material like Swiss Voile or could use a hop sock/bag.

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