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Busy couple of days

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It's been pouring rain today, so I spent the day catching up. 3 of these empties were for the big drum a couple of days ago.  That's my first 3 kegs but it's only 1.020 today so still early to keg, which I knew it would be.  The Cooper's FVs on the right are the ones I was advised to throw away.  I have confidence in my reclaiming of them.  Thomas Cooper Crown Lager installed today with a bit of a test going on as well.  Expired yeast Vs new yeast, kindly donated.  Finally cold enough in my shed.

The old Tooheys keg in the corner? A different forum.



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Mason Jar inspiration on the bench.  Now I've got to cook dinner.  Smoked Cod, mashed potato, white sauce and steamed vegies.  Hard to take I know.  Plus, I need to drink some Kraken Rum and Cola in the process.  The home brew lifestyle hurts badly sometimes.

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The expired yeast was a fizzer.  There was no noticeable difference between the 2 FVs at 12 hours, but this morning at 36 hours, the difference was clearly obvious.  I have now dropped some of the fresh yeast into the other FV and given it a layer of CO2.  There was some fermentation going on so I'm hoping it isn't a dead loss.  Lesson learnt, but it is the first time I've ever had "old yeast" not do its job.  Maybe Lager yeast is not as robust as Ale yeast.  Anyway, I managed to buy another 3 OOD cans at reduced price so no real concern if it's a dud.

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