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Really Confused. Strange pouring from kegs/taps.


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Hi guys,


Looking from some advice from anyone who kegs (and hell anyone who does not that might be able to offer some advice through experience or knowledge!).


I have a keg fridge that has two taps/fonts and in it I have two kegs, both ales.


These two kegs were treated exactly the same when I carbonated them. Including the time I left them to absorb the CO2, the temp they were at before I purged them with CO2, the amount of pressure etc etc... I think you get the picture.


Now this is the odd bit that for the life of me I cannot figure out.


When I pur myself a beer from the tap on the right it is exactly as you would expect. Perfect. However when I pour a beer from the tap on the left it froths up heaps and produces a really large head.


Once the head settles there is nothing wrong with the beer, in fact I would say the two of them have identical levels of carbonation.


Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing one of them to froth up so much or has this happened to any of you in the past??


All input as usual is really appreciated!


Cheers fellas [biggrin]

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It may be something to do with the beer line and tap - you could investigate this by swapping the kegs over and see if the problem moves to the other tap.


Do they share the same CO2 line, ie. same head pressure?

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Hi Paul,


They share the same CO2 main line from the cylinder but then they split into separate controls valves for each keg so I can turn one off or on as I please...


Awesome suggestion of testing the other keg on the tap that is playing up! I cant believe I overlooked that!


I will test and report back, thanks! [bandit]

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It could also be something as simple as a kink in one of your lines or your tap may need cleaning. Swap kegs first and see if the problem persists. This way you will eliminate either your setup of the keg. Obviously if the problem goes away when you swap kegs then it will be an issue with the keg. Don't forget to try the faulty keg on the good side as well.

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