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christmast beer question


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Im about to brew a chistmas beer by an recipe i've got from coopers in Sweden.


It say to use 1 kg Light Dry Malt, can i use something else maybe?

And it also says if i use dry yeast it should be at least 15g, so i could by some yeast and not use the yeast in the coopers can? and what does more yeast do?

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Cooper's also has the ale yeast in 15g sachets. I found them at Midwest supplies over here. They also said that the ale yeast is good for 62-72F (16-22C). Good to know. Re-hydrated,that 15g sachet should be good for a fair size beer.

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Bjarke, it is probably best that you use malt. You can replace it with 1.25kg of liquid light malt if you have that. Without really knowing what the recipe is it is hard to suggest alternatives.


With regards to the yeast, you could get an 11.5g packet of US-05 (or other ale yeast) and use it together with the kit yeast.


I guess you could use the kit yeast and make a starter but it will probably be easier just to pitch a second packet of yeast.


I am assuming that this is a higher gravity beer. It will have a lot more fermentables in it for the yeast to chew through so you need to make sure you have pitched enough.


If you underpitch, you could stress the yeast which may produce some off flavours but ultimately the yeast will just be too tired to finish off the job.

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well this it the recipe translated from swedish as good as it gets


J-Day Brew - made to 20 liters


1.7kg Coopers beerkit (optional items Lager, Draught, Real Ale or Dark Ale)

1 kg Light Dry Malt

250g brown sugar

1 piece star anise

2 cinnamon sticks

1 vanilla pod

2 tablespoons coriander seed

20 g Saaz hops (or aromatic hop you like)

Optional Aleyeast with high alcohol tolerance and good flocculation





1st Choose a jar with coopers beerkit based on what color and bitter in the end you want on your finished beer. Remember that the bitterness over time alleviated the bottle.

2nd Simmer spices and hops for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water and strain.

3rd If using dry yeast, try to have at least 15 grams.

4th Drain the bottle when the two readings SG values \u200b\u200bare the same 22 days in a row.

5th Some of the flavors and aromas may feel completely wrong when the beer is young but, it may be a bit of time, but later it will be very good Good luck!


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