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Forced Carbonation


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I don't keg but I believe that there is a couple of differances (not sure if they are benefits or not).


- Yes you use less CO2 as yeast creates the CO2 for priming.

- The beer has a longer conditioning time, which I believe it may taste more mature by the time you get to drink it.

- The beer will be cloudy (as far as I have experienced with others naturally conditioning)


I would just try it with one batch and see if you like it.

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Is there any point in adding priming sugar to my kegs even though I force carbonate? I have been told that you use less CO2 to carbonate if you do.


I can't see any common sense in doing this and just to clarify.....

To force carbonate is to force Co2 in the beer as quick as possible so one can consume it sooner if need be.

To prime with sugar will take time for the yeast to consume the sugar which in turn will give the carbonation. Therefore, how is it justified for both considering the lag time for the yeast to carbonate?... i.e. what do you intend to do?.... put half the required sugar in then force carb half?.... I can't see how this is possible as what will likely happen is that you will gas your beer using Co2 to required pressure then the sugar will add additional pressure. I can't see how you would gauge how much to force carb to the ratio of sugar to use.


For the stuff all extra Co2 used to do this it really isn't worth the head ache imo so why would you bother. The minimal cost you save for barely any gas you will lose by using sugar and could easily end up stuffing up the carb level of the keg anyway.



ps. welcome to the forums Darren.

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Bill is right, if you use priming sugar you don't force carbonate.


Its either force carbonate or keg condition.


Although I have always thought that if you keg condition by using priming sugar you ended up with a better product. I can't be sure as I don't keg.


And yes welcome to the forums Darren [biggrin]

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Not everyone force carbonates to get into the brew quickly.

I just set my pressure once @ 1 atmosphere or about 100kpa & might not get to drink for months or @ least weeks then I pour @ the same pressure.

Beer by then is crystal clear, gr8 head, spidering & no obvious home brew flavour/s.

CO2 is peanuts as far as costs go & @ about $30 every 18 months so why fool with cane sugar or dextrose that are not used in my brewing, anywhere else.

BTW Use Festo type lines & quick disconnects for gas & dispensing hardware. http://www.festo.com/cms/en-au_au/9511.htm

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