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Brewing Temperature


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Hi guys,


Just wondering what difference the fermenting temperature will have on the brewing process....


As posted in another post i'm currently brewing a Coopers Stout (standard)Fermenting began at 26deg, but over the course of the week we have been subjected to some cooler weather - as we speak (or type[biggrin] )the temmperature has dropped down to 16deg - the yeast is obviously still active as theres still a constant "blurp blurp" from the "dreaded" airlock. Packaging suggests brewing should be in the 21-27deg range, however i'm aware that lagers are better brewed longer over a lower temp....SO...


I'm just wondering what effect the "longer fermenting process due to lower temperature" will have on the final beer?




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A good effect. With the Ale yeast I try to aim for 18C to 20C which makes a cleaner beer with less esters. You may need to bump the temperature up a couple of degrees or it might stop soon but, the lower end of the range is the best place to ferment.

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