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Wheat beer high FG?


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Hello everyone.


Im looking for a bit of advice.

I have a wheat beer on the go to the following recipe.


1.7 coopers wheat,

1.5 coopers wheat malt extract,

500g spraymalt wheat

made to 23 litres,

Safbrew s33 pitched at 26C


The OG was 1050, fermentation started fast and stayed strong for about 2 days ( although i'm going off airlock activity for this assumption, i know i probably shouldn't [whistling ) Temp has been between 20-22C.

I checked FG at 5 days, it was 1018 and was the same at 7 days. Ill be checking again at 12 days.

Is it possible the FG is high due to the ingredients or yeast used? I dont really want to open FV to stir unless I really have to. I always drink the first sample out of the tap too [biggrin]


Any help is appreciated guys,




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Depends on a couple of things can cause a high FG but mainly it is the ingredients you used. Since there is alot of Malt in the recipe I wouldn't be expecting the FG to drop much more if it drops at all.


Since I don't have a fandangled calculator or formula to work out roughly what the FG could be I will let someone else answer if it is finished or not.


In saying that at day 12 if the reading is still the same I would bottle it.

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I get an FG OG of 1051 and an FG of 1015 and looks extreemly malty, I suggest you raise the temps for a day or 2 (just a few 'c) as it will not affect flavour at this point.. and Id even throw a bunch of hops in to try to get some ballence. Dont know what sort as Ive never done a wheat beer.


Hope this helps


have a look HERE post 252, this fella has a damn good excel spreadsheet that can be of use for designing beers to ballence. (no affiliation just a happy user)



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Thanks for the fast reply's guys [cool]

Think i will probably just bottle matty.

iamozziyob ill check out that spreadsheet,could be very useful, thanks.

Looks like my FG isn't too far off the mark then. I love wheat beers and adding the extra 500g of spraymalt wheat came as a recommendation from my local homebrew guy. I like nice creamy heavy beers so thought i'd give it a go as an experiment.


You brew you learn [rightful]

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The s-33 has a lower attenuation similar to a bavarian wheat yeast so will finish higher, They also have lower flocculation so perhaps particulate matter in suspension is giving a false reading, letting the sample sit undisturbed, allowing it to settle, may give a truer reading.


Next time try the safbrew WB06 and cut back on the dried wheat malt, especially if you like a Weihenstephaner Heffeweizen - soooo close [love]

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The funny thing is the brew I did just before this was a wheat beer for a party my sis is having. I used the 1.7 can and 1.5 can of wheat malt extract and the WB06 yeast, I tasted it at just 2 weeks in the bottle and it's amazing, creamy, goes down very well.

I thought it strange that my local home brew guy gave me the s-33 this time!![annoyed]

Thought by adding the LDM mine would have more punch [roll]

Oh well, bottling today, i'm sure it'll be good if not a little heavy.

Ive learned more just from getting replies from this so thanks.


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