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fluctuating temperature???


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I am about to put on a lager, the kit yeast ferments at around 20C however I was advised to use alternate yeast which ferments between 9-15C the only way for me to get it this cold is to use my fridge however the hottest it goes is 4C. I was going to keep a constant eye on it and turn it on and off between the 9-15C mark. The only reason I'm considering this is because it's a pretty inefficient fridge and takes a while to cool down, am I silly to contemplate this idea??


Should I just cut my losses and use the original kit yeast?

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I used to use my fridge on a timer.. only for ales though, worked ok.. just.. in my opinion the temperature fluctuation led to a few beers that otherwise would have been better..


then I found THESE


with a nice how to in THIS link...


never looked back and now have 2 with a spare on the way.. and the beutiful thing about these are that they do heating and cooling.. my brews now vary in temps max

+/- 0.6'c I could set it lower but feel that this is just about right..


good luck.. my suggestion is use a timer till you can get all the bits together for the temp controller.

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if you read the WHOLE linked page for the how to, there are a number of wiring diagrams, make sure you use the 'approved' ones.. it's fairly easy to wire up, it's fitting the power points and fitting the actual STC that is the PITA.. but if you are a tinkereer, you should have no drama, a few simple tools is all you need.


be aware that the 'switch' teminals need to be undone and if they are anything like mine they are as tight as a nuns....


Tools. Pliers for stripping wires + jewlers screwdrivers + 25mm Spade bit + file (for fitting PP and STC) 2 or 3 connectors + a few cable ties + a 2m extension cord you can chop up to use.


There are plenty of examples of how people have done it in the how to link so that should give you a few ideas.


seriously... one of the best things you will ever do for your brewery, the peace of mind you get is just invaluable.. just set it and walk away with confidance.


the first one I put together is on this page (10) just look for the same username

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They are easy to wire and set up however you'll be too dead to realise if you get it wrong.


Good point muddy, if you are unsure about ANYTHING have a sparkie look it over, make sure to get a propper insulated electrical junction box. Its not worth the risk to you or your loved ones to take shortcuts with anything electrical.


I sent my old man who is a retired electrician the wiring disagram to look over, and a photo of mine before I plugged it in for him to have a look at. I got the thumbs up and have never looked back... I was still nervous plugging it in though[ninja]

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