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When to check for FG


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do NOT trust your Airlock for signs of active fermentation, while this MAY be a sign of fermentaion it is by no means accurate.


This is where I take samples.


Day 1 prior to pitching yeast

Day 8 when dry hopping

Day 12 when I hope it is finished

Day 14 to check its finished


I then leave for another 3-4 days to let the yeast clean up after themselvs.


If you are not checking gravity readings you should be, it's the only way to know for sure.



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I'm doing the Coppers Sparkling Ale.

Great thanks for that, I didn't want to be too eager to bottle. I have OG to start from so will check again on bay 8 or so, followed by a check 2 days later to confirm then might leave for another coupleof days to be sure.


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Just to add a further question. I see the yeast will run 18oC +. The printed material for this brew talks about 21oC but have read here that Coopers themselves does it below 20. Mine has been sitting at about 18(night)- 20(day). Am I running the risk of putting it to sleep at night or am I running at optimun for a good slow ferment and less yeast after tastes?

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sounds just beuitful to me.. I do have digital temp control and can minimise my temp fluctuations to 0.3'c..


these are the bomb


pretty easy to wire up too.


That temp controller looks like pretty good value. What sort of heating and cooling devices do you have it hooked up to? Am I right in assuming that it is only a controller and doesn't actually do any heating or cooling?






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Todd - You hook the device up to a fridge for cooling and a heat belt or heat mat or reptile tank heater ot light bulb or something. I currently have a light bulb with a ceramic wine cooler over the top to provide a heat source. My weapon of choice is a TempMate.


The device just switches the appropriate heat or cooling source on when appropriate.

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