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Keg post O ring seals


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Hi can anyone tell me i have been using standard o rings on my keg post lately and have not come across any problems ,i would like to know do you have to use food grade o rings or not perhaps i could coat the others with a food grade lube as a precaution .

Or is it not a concern, price of standard o rings 11cents i change them every time i fill a keg food grade o rings from the brew shop up to $1 each .

If there r health issues then i will go back to the food grade.



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Kep post orings only need replacing once they have degraded to a point where they are not effective.


I have 5 kegs on the go (been kegging for 11 years) all with the original orings. Just use a small amount of food grade lubricant on them. Mind you, I've replaced most of the access hatch orings and the poppet valves (in the posts).

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