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Blocked Kegs


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I've done something pretty stupid.


i decided to dry hop five kegs of ale, but, in my haste, i put the hops in loose, without putting them in a bag or anything. Now, of course, i've got 5 kegs with 5 blocked dip tubes full of hops. i'm gonna clean them out tomorrow, but i was wondering if anyone had some good 'top tips' for flushing the tube clean.




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I would be removing the dip tube and attempting to blast water through. Hopefully this will work??


Otherwise, straighten a coat hanger and push it through - cover the end of the wire with electrical tape or similar to prevent the end from scratching the inside of the tube.


A keg, I have on at the moment, contains a stainless-steel mesh infusion ball filled with Nelson Sauvin hop pellets. [cool]

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