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Horror Brew!


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Just had the worst possible luck ever making the last brew!

Was making an elephant beer type lager and just finished my 1kg of german lager beer enhancer (includes hallertau finishing hops) and another 1kg of dextrose to bump up the percentage. Poured into the fermenter and realised the tap was still open!

lost bout 1-2 litres of goodness..... Well that should be alright cos I added extra dextrose, i'll just move my fermenter and test the OG.... until I realised the hydrometer was underneath the fermenter!

So now I have a lager on the go with no way of finding out the alcohol percentage[pinched]

Anyway can I buy the plastic coopers hydrometers from anywhere?

Is the best bet to take a SG reading tomorrow and have half an idea on alcohol percent?

The yeast is not yet in, can I leave it sealed until I take a reading tomorrow arvo, then add the yeast? cheers in advance

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You can't buy a plastic Hydrometer yet.


Don't worry about the OG. If you do, then you can get an estimate from many free calculators that are available online.


You should pitch the yeast asap to reduce the chances of oxidation etc.

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Cheers guys,

Did break the hydrometer, so can't take any readings for the OG. Can't even estimate how much sugar is in there cos I lost fluid from the tap being open at the start.

I ended up pitching the yeast anyway last night as I was unsure and was not wasting the batch so we'll see how it turns out.

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