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Priming with Maple Syrup


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I'm making a Maple Bitter (listed earlier in the recipe section) before brewing it i have tasted a few local maple beers and have found the flavour very very faint, it's almost hard to determine if it's smokey, maybe a pleasant but faint chocolate, or coffee. Almost if I hadn't known it was syrup it would be hard to pin down as maple.


To fix this, I'm not using my tried and true coopers yeast, I'm trying Safale 04 picked for it's residual sweetness. I'm also planning to buy the darkest Amber Maple Syrup from a local farm and prime the bottles with that instead of my coopers drops.

An earlier post PB2 suggested to calculate the dosage rate, we need to know the brix, sources list Maple Syrup about 67 Brix with 59.5% being sugars (mainly sucrose). If we assume it offers about 2/3 by weight, compared to white sugar, prime at 12g/l.


So here's my question I need to do this by ml not g because it's a rather sticky liquid, and I was planning on using a syringe to inject it into my coopers 740ml bottles and some 310ml swing tops I've been collecting.

An online search says 1ml of maple syrup is approx 1.34g

so I calculated with 12g/1000ml I would add 8.88g/740ml or 6.6ml of syrup per 740ml bottle. and 3.72g /310ml bottle 2.8ml of syrup per 310ml bottle.


I don't want to make bombs, so does this sound right? I don't have a refracto thingy to get the brix of my syrup, so that won't work, I suppose I could weigh a ml of syrup before starting to confirm the ml = 1.34g in weight calculation.

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This is the recipe Extra Smooth Maple Syrup Bitter

1.7kg Coopers English Bitter

500g LDM

250g Dark or Amber Maple Syrup (stronger flavour than light maple syrup)

figure it will end up at about 4.5%


I figured with the maple flavour being so faint I would try maple priming as well.

I would bulk prime but I don't have a second fermenter, or a bottling bucket, just my primary. I don't want to stir up the beer to mix in the maple syrup in the primary, I think it would just settle to the bottom hence the idea with the syringe and the syrup for this batch

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