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Request for opinons!


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G'Day everyone,

First time poster here, I hope this hasn't been covered yet (I couldn't find the answer by using my friend 'search')


Got a can of real ale, and I'd like to try adding 2 or 2.5# of dark DME to complete a 5 US gallon batch. I prefer a taste balanced/hoppy and from what I can gather, the real ale recipe has the stones to carry it.


This'll be my first experience with the 'real ale' can, so I'm hoping that some of you veteran brewers would be willing to lend me some wisdom as to what I can expect.


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Hi Chris


Real Ale with light dry malt is one of my fav brews, simple but yum. I use 1kg of raw sugar and 500g light malt extract to 23 litres.


Your post has a # in it, we probably not sure if you are meaning kilos or ?


Can't say it will be too hoppy with a lot of dark malt in it, maybe consider adding some Pride of Ringwood hop, they tell me this is the hop used in Coopers Sparkling Ale.


If you are liking the commercial sparkling ale, maybe consider light malt to keep the authentic colour?


Expect expert advice very soon from the guys on here, but maybe let us know what # means?


Happy brewing [happy]

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If # means pounds, chuck the whole 2.5 pounds of it in.


I like this brew a fair bit and I use 1 kilo of Light DME which is almost the same as that, but I reckon just do it. If you think its too malty then next time either add some hops or substitute some malt for dextrose.


Its all an experiment game till you find the beers you like.


I have brewed a couple of loosers before.


BTW Welcome to the forums.

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Thank you all for your guidance and the warm welcome, I think I'll go for the lighter finished beer.


As it happens, I've got some light DME, dextrose and about 250gr of agave extract (leftover from another experiment) that should make a nice light finished brew.


Sorry for the confusion on the '#' thing...I'll make a note to convert from now on :)

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