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My first brew attempt: sugar not dissolved?


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Hi there,


I'm from the home of Coopers (Adelaide) and today I have begun my first homebrew with a simple lager (I'm more of a stout man but it came with the kit and I knew there would be a high chance of stuffing it up the first time around)


Anyway, all appears to have gone well except that when I look at the brew it appears to have a few clumps of what appears to be suger (brew enhancer 1). I was sure that it had dissolved but perhaps not. Is it normal to see a few white clumps in the brew or have I gone awry somewhere?


Appreciate any help, cheers.

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Welcome to the forums.


I wouldn't be to worried about it, are the clumps throughout the brew or on top? If the clumps are ontop its a good chance that its the yeast doing what they do best but if it is in the brew it is probably undisolved sugar etc, This will sort itself out in the fermenter.


If your looking for a good easy stout try PB2s Recipe:

- Coopers Original Series Dark Ale Kit

- Coopers Original Series Stout Kit

- 1Kg of Dextrose

- made to 23L of water.

- Pitch both sachets of yeast (or you can use the commercial yeast)


I seem to have this as my go to beer now, so I always have 3 or 4 batches just sitting there aging nicely. It gets very close to tasting like the Coopers Best Extra Stout

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Welcome to the Brewers Guild, Daniel![biggrin]


If you are confident that the BE1 was dissolved, not that it's any real problem if it wasn't, the clumps you see may be the cold break.


I think we mention this on the instructional video that came with your DIY Beer kit.

The video is also on Coopers TV here and there is some information about cold break in the FAQs here

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