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Stout Problem


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I am on my third batch of brew since getting my Coopers kit for Christmas. My SG is stuck at 1.030. The OG was 1.050. Here is what I used:


1 Can Coopers Stout

1 Can Coopers Dark Malt

400g. of Coopers Brew Enhancer

Coopers Yeast provided with Stout


I have been stuck for one week with SG of 1.030. Should I bottle, throw it away, pitch some more yeast, or what?



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If it is stuck at 1030.


- Make sure that your hydrometer is callibrated correctly.

- Give the fermenter a gentle swirl (don't want to introduce alot of oxygen tho).

Then check a few days later and if still on 1030 I would think about pitching some more yeast.


How long has it been stuck on 1030. I had my first toucan stout on for 2 weeks before it had finished fermenting.

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I used Coopers Brew Enhancer 1, it has been at 22-24 c. I have used three different hydrometers and they are all the same and it has been stuck for 5 days now. I gave it a gentle swirl two days ago. It had such great promise. The initial fermentation was really good with a lot of foam.


I do not have anymore cooper's yeast; I have some mutons yeast and some yeast energizer that I picked up for a future attempt to make some high alc. Coopers IPA.


Thanks guys.

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G'day PB2,


I followed your advice and mixed a sachet of coopers IPA yeast in a cup of warm water, let it stand for thirty-minutes, and poured it into my brew. This morning I noticed activity on the surface, a very thin line of foam is starting up and covers the entire surface. The layer is thin, but I have yeast activity!!


It needs to hurry up because I only have a case of my last brew left (not counting what I am saving to age for a couple of months). Again, thanks Paul.



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