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Dense Foam in the bottles


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Hi there,


I have just bottled my latest brew, up till now I have not come across this issue.


The foam at the top of the brew in the fermenter was a very dense almost a crust.


When bottling, a dense foam formed in the bottle, I carried on expecting it to settle out but 24hrs latter the foam is still clearly visible in the bottles.


Have I managed to get the brew infected or is this just to be expected?


Any help or suggestions appreciated.




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Hi! It sounds like you got an infected batch! Just open one bottle & have a sniff if it smells OK? Try also taste it When gone off it will have a vinegar like taste. Did you use any "Fining"? To make the beer clear before you bottling it? Some top fermenting Yeast, lives a brown residue on the top around the fermenter, but you sure did pay attention not to bottle the crap with the beer!? When is gone off,[crying] just chuck it & next time make sure you sanitize everything better, don't expose the worth longer to the open air than you have to! good brewing & good luck. Steven [cool]

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I wouldn't jump to the conclusin that it infected. My brews get that brown crust around the top of the fermenter from when the foam rises.


The only reason I can think of it happening in the bottle is because it hasn't finished brewing yet. Open one and taste it. If it is a gusher but tastes ok it would of been bottled to early although if it tastes like vinigar or is a little sour, then you have an infection.

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