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Flood Recovery


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On December 27th my brewery (shed) was wiped out by the neighbours dam collapsing and sending 200,000 gallons of water through my 'factory', smashing bottles in its' wake. Within 3 weeks I was 'beer broke' [crying]


But in the true Aussie spirit I moved camp and started from scratch. Now 2 months later this is the contents of my 'cupboard'...


Real Ale (56)

Real Ale + Fuggles (28)

Dark Ale (28)

UK Bitter (28)

Sparkling Ale (28)

IPA (28)

Irish Stout (30)

Sparkling Ale Monster Brew (2.5kg ferms) (28)


= 254 tallies of beer yum [cool]

- 71 drunk

= 183 still to go [happy]


And today I set down a Chocolate Redwood Ale, and a Coopers Pilsner with Hellertau Hop.


I wish to announce flood recovery is now classed as complete [love]


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Thanks guys for your support, I am proud. I didn't even mention the 120+ bottles that were washed away about 50 yards and caked in dam sludge, all needed cleaning meticulously.


The relocation meant new water, devices etc, new thinking and new worry, but all worked out better than ever.


Special mention going to my partner whom helped scrub those darned bottles, and whom pitches in with me at bottling time - I pay her in beer [biggrin]

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