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Video: Coopers Fermenting Vessel and Double IPA


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I just brewed a Double IPA using my Coopers fermenting vessel and thought I would share this short clip of the air lock activity:



I did this from an extract kit from Midwest Supplies in the US. Yeast is Safale US-05.




Ingredients were:


-9.3 lbs. Gold Malt extract

-4 oz. Aromatic

-12 oz. Caramel 60L

-8 oz. Victory specialty grains




-1 oz. Chinook

-1 oz. Cascade

-1 oz. Centennial

-1 oz. Crystal

-2 oz. Leaf (dry hop)


OG: 1.067

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Why don't you make a video of the Gladwrap. It would however be a still movie. But that\u2019s ok because there\u2019s too much action and violence on the screens these days. We recently saw a violent eruption of an air lock on this site. So a Gladwrap one would be a change. It would have a calming effect on the moderators.[roll]




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