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Hi All,

I've been dabbling in the black art of BIAB.

It's fair to say that I'll never be going back to a mash tun false bottom set up. [roll]

Way too easy, mash in the kettle (temp loss over an hour about .5 to 1 deg C), lift up the bag, give it a squeeze while the boil is getting fired up.......etc....

Also, run off to the cube (no chill), pitch yeast the next day.

3-4 hrs for an all-grain brew day is fantastic.

Will be doing 2 mashes on brew day soon.[devil]


Started off with the pillow case shape, have since re-designed the bag to a cone shape so the draining is focused to a point.


So easy, give it a go!

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i just use the every day aussie esky - seems to work fine for me, so long as you preheat it so you dont loose so much heat during the mash. Then, because im lazy, i batch sparge - probably should fly sparge to get more efficiency, but, i cant be bothered.

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Nope! I drilled a hole in the rafter on the patio & threaded some rope which I use to pull up the bag. I've got some nails in a post nearby which I hook the other end of the rope to!

I shall post some pics of the high tech system next brew. [biggrin]

I've figured that the grain retains 2/3 of its original weight in water after it's drained - eg. 6kg of grain weighs 10kgs after i've squeezed it.



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