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Is my OG about right for Aust Pale Ale?


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I was in a rush last night but had to put something down so I can have it next weekend but the OG seems a little low. I was actually expecting high 30's. It was a very basic recipe which consist of:


1 can Coopers Aust Pale Ale

500g Coopers Dried Malt

345g Dex

Filled to 23L


OG was 1033

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Thanks for the confirmation. I was worried because I rushed things I may have stuffed up somewhere along the lines.


By the way, I sanitized this one for 24 hours in sodium percarbonate rather than sodium met and used tap water instead of filtered water from the fridge. I'm anxious to see if this might fix my ongoing fermenting problem I previously mentioned in another thread somewhere.


Thanks for your advise.


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