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The above was new into my local home brew centre here in the north of England, so it had to be purchased, have had much success with previous Coopers kits. A strong wind accidentally blew me into my local fine ale store on the way home as well, and the shock must have caused me to pick up the nearest thing to hand, which coincidently was a 6 pack of Coopers Sparkling Ale...... [innocent]


So, now I know how it should taste, and I can have a stab at using the yeast as per your fine instructions (although, not this time, I appear to have drank it all. But now I know it's available locally....)



Anyway, the kit suggests 1.5 kg of Coopers Light liquid malt, plus 500g of light DME and 300g of sugar. I brought these as well, as I want to give it a decent chance, but that seams like a lot of fermentables for an ale that is around the 5.8% mark.. or is it? My Canadian Blonde is knocking on the door of 5.8%, and that was just with 1kg of (muntons) brew enhancer (50% DME / 50% Dextrose).


Have I misunderstood the instructions?

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Im brewing this one now with

500g Coopers LDM

5oog Liquid Light malt

500g Dextrose.


As i didn't have some of the needed ingredients.

Its down to 1004. But i used California Ale yeast 001.


Your mix is the intended reciped John.


Good Luck

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Thanks for the replie, folks. I'll make the kit up as instructed.


PB2 ~ must have got my calculations wrong last night. I blame the Sparkling Ale I was drinking [lol]


I made mine up to about 20L, O.G. was 1044, and it fermented down to 1004, so that's about 5.3%, not 5.7 as I previously stated!

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