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Malt Liquor- Stuck fermentation.

Nigel M

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Howdy Brewers!

So I'm attempting to brew a batch of 'Malt Liquor' for a boys weekend with the goal of getting 6.5-7% alc.

I have put in a can of Coopers Draught, topped up the fermenter to 9l and pitched the yeast from the can.

No sugar or dextrose added, going for an all malt brew.

The brew fired up instantly and overnight i had an inch of foam on the brew but after 3 days the foam has gone, airlock has stopped bubbling and the Gravity is at 1036 (SG = 1055)

This batch has been sitting at 30C due to it being pretty hot n humid here in Auckland.

What do i do from here? What is the easiest way of cooling the brew when i dont have a container/tub big enough for the fermenter to fit in?

Should i pitch a fresh yeast?


Just like the brew, I'm a bit stuck on this one.

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Sounds like your yeast got too hot so it might be a good idea to pitch some new yeast .


To get the temperature down drape a old wet tshirt or similar over the fermenter and put the ends of the fabric in a 2 containers of water on each side .ALso direct a fan at the fermeter to get the maximum cooling effect ,

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Look for other signs of fermenting such as condensation on the lid and check the gravity in another couple of days to see if it has dropped abit. The airlock isnt a good indication that it is brewing because the slightest leak will stop it.


It sounded like it started brewing really well, maybe just cool it down using MattH's method and then check the gravity reading in a couple of days. All in all it seems like it is doing what it is supposed to.


I dont think you have any need to pitch new yeast as of yet.

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9L for a boys weekend? I hope they don't want to drink too much[crying] your brew will only realise 10-12 long necks!


did someone mention 'ignore the airlock'. leave it alone for at least another 3 days and then check the gravity with your hydrometer again. with only a 9L brew, I wouldn't do too many gravtiy tests though!

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