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Australian Pale Ale - Time to bottle?


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I started my first brew (Coopers Pale Ale) on Saturday night. I'm using one of the current Coopers fermenters with no airlock.


The OG was 1.030 and the temp has been a bit hard to keep down in the hot weather, but it's been a fairly consistent 26.


On Wed night the measurement was 1.006, and was the same on Thursday night. It tastes pretty good, and looks nice and clear too.


I've read conflicting things on forums - some say the period between fermentation finishing and bottling is a danger time for infection, others say to leave it in the fermenter up to two weeks after the SG stops falling.


I'm a bit confused because I didn't expect the SG to stop falling so early.


Should I bottle tonight if the SG is still stable?


Does the absence of an airlock on the new fermenters make them any more prone to infection?


Will the low alcohol content equate to a lesser quality beer (1.030 - 1.006 = 3.9% if my calculations are correct)?

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It sounds done TKS. I can't remember the last beer of mine that got down to 1006 and yes 1030 does sound bit low - Please post the recipe you used.


There is no rush to bottle - better to leave it a few extra days to settle out.


As for airlocks, I usually don't really have an opinion about them [innocent] but if anything you would probably have less chance of infection without one. The latest Coopers DIY fermentors are top shelf setups and trump any other fermentor out there (haven't used one myself but I can appreciate innovation)


I'm not really a fan of low alcohol beers but, no, it won't equate to a lesser quality beer. But lets see what recipe you used first - It does take a bit of time time to get used to hydrometers so maybe your readings aren't accurate.

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Thanks for responding everyone. The recipe was just the standard one - can of Australian Pale Ale, Brew Enhancer 2, filled to 23L, yeast that came with the can.


You might be right about my readings being a bit dodgy Muddy, I had wondered if the 1.030 since. I'm sure of the 1.006 though.


As I don't know anything other than my current setup I'm intrigued by your comment that the fermenter is innovative, can you explain to me how it differs from others? Might enable me to interpret other forum comments a bit better.

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G'day TKS,


Muddy must have gone to bed, Cooper's new DIY fermenters are new on the market, other fermenters have an airlock. With the new FVs we only rely on the hydrometer readings to tell us when a brew is ready to bottle. Did you mix the ingredients thoroughly before taking your original reading? This could give you a low reading!





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