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Date format on bottom of kit cans


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I just bought a Wheat beer kit and the bottom of the can shows 10/11/11, but I'm unsure whether that means


November 10, 2011

October 11, 2011

November 11, 2010




I.e. is the can just past its best-before date, or still have 9-10 months?


(and why can't manufacturers use ISO standard dates once and for all for products they know are going to be distributed worldwide, to avoid this kind of confusion?!! E.g. 2010-11-11 would be crystal clear...)

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Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it is a Coopers kit, so looks like I'm good.


And I'm in Finland, not America. But I don't know what the Australian system is, nor should I have to, if they would just use ISO standard dating -- the whole point of which is to provide a consistent and unambiguous date representation so folks don't have to wonder "what variant system do those folks use...?"



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I didn't mean to suggest you were American, sorry [happy]


I was just wondering if there are any other countries that vary from the standard day/month/year format?



Of course it's all on Wikipedia.

Left guessing what the 'few other countries' are though!


"Middle endian forms, starting with the month

This sequence is used primarily in the United States, Canada, and a few other countries."


Wikipedia date formats

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G'day Patrick,

the packaging code, on the base of the malt extract cans, should represent the day, year and time packaged plus the product description.


Would you mind posting the code exactly as it is repsented on the can?

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