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34 minutes ago, Gregman said:

My first batch from the kit


Hi @Gregman Welcome to the forum, Congratulations you have made your first beer! I suspect that is the Lager coming from a new Kit.

How long have you stored the bottles for & I am guessing you have used the supplied Carbonation Drops.

In the coming months you will learn not only the basics but how to shorten Brew Day & move toward producing more consistent beers of all types, there are many additives & ways to enhance all sorts of beers & you will find a wealth of information on this great forum. If you want any help, just ask.

Starting from scratch is always best gradually honing your skills until you start achieving beers that you are proud of.

There is valuable information on Coopers DIY website including videos, I would encourage you to make full use of it.

All the best with your brewing adventure.




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