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Hazy or IPA base

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Previously I made an IPA and added into the fermenting bucket pulped passionfruit to it. I also added Riwaka hops in both boil and dry hop. The result was a nicely flavoured passionfruit beer.  I plan to make again but was thinking instead of a normal IPA base, to make a hazy IPA with same Riwaka hops and passionfruit pulp .  Would doing a hazy be better than an IPA in bringing out the flavours of the passionfruit.  I was also thinking about doing an XPA base with the passionfruit but not sure how the XPA would work with the fruit.  Anyone who has any ideas/thoughts about the type of beer, I woudl love to read


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Hi Nick, imo whether you do a hazy or ipa would make no difference to bringing out more passionfruit flavours. You can probably achieve this by changing the type of yeast you use, for example using kveik voss yeast fermented at higher temperatures. You can also use other ale yeasts at the higher end of the recommended temperature range. This will bring out more fruity esters which will complement the passionfruit. Also add in some fruity hops, dry hopped, such as galaxy or citra among others. I have recently done a beer with passionfruit additions, and you can really taste the passionfuit coming through. It's a great fruit addition.

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