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My first AG!


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Hello Paul and friends! ;)


Today i did my first AG! 20L stove top boil.

4kg Barrett Burston Ale Malt grinded up and put in a bag, and in to the water (12L) at 70c for 90mins

after 90 mins and sqeezing the bag out in a bucket i put the bag in another pot at 70c with 6L in it and gave it a stir then another squeez in to the bucket. i put all the liquid back in to one pot and brought it up to the boil. then i added 27g of POR in a bag, 40mins later i also added 12g or Sazz for 20 mins.

The i took the hop bags out and put the pot in to a icy cold tub to cool down for about 20mins.

After it cooled off i put the liquid in to the fermenter (about 13L at this stage and toped it up to 20 L mark.

It smelt amazing! I hope it turns out well! Coopers mild Ale has por and sazz in it right? So might turn out a little like that but full stregth!?





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You cut me deep, Josh - there was I thinking you would need me to guide you through the process, but No! Discarded like a green potato chip [sad]


70degC is very high for mash temp, it may be very high in dextrins which means it may not ferment out that far - see how it goes... What yeast did you use?


Oh, I moved your post from the Beer Banter room [rightful]

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Very cool Josh.

Bet you feel very satisfied with yourself. Extremely more so when you crack the first one and realise in a post-apocalyptic world you could be revered as a God or, at the very least, High Priest.


I have just finished making a 40 lt pot with a ball valve and a filtered manifold. Was about to make a mash tun as well but you have me thinking a smaller step to brew-in-a-bag to be sounder.


I am interested in a couple of things;

The cooling of the wort, 20 mins in an ice bath enough to get it to pitching temp or was the additional 7 lts chilled?


Did you take an SG of the boil before you added the extra water? What was your SG when you pitched your yeast?


And, how violent was the wort boil and how big is your pot? I am thinking I could get a full boil in my 40 lt pot...


Hope you don't mind me picking your brain...








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And there i was thinking you deleated the post but it just got moved!


70c to high? Im no expert just following the steps for the 20L stove top AG by Nick JD on that other site.


Maybe i still do need the Help!? [biggrin]


This is a pic with the reading i took after putting the juice from the two pots and the bucket back together, taken at about 55c




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


The boil.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Reading taken after topping up to 20L at about 24c No dex or anything else added.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Paul i used a US05 thats just what i had so thought id use it.


Maybe my Mash temp should be lower today?

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