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There\u2019s a mob called Coopers on dot com, dot au

With all the info to make a beut home brew

There\u2019s Malts and stuff in cans all mixed and ready to go

Once you\u2019ve cooked it up then in the yeast you simply throw


There\u2019s Lawn Mower Lager and Ginger Beer

Mild Ale and one called Irish Red

IPA and Ashe Ale

And strong stuff, to take before bed


There\u2019s Stout and Coopers Mild

And one called Aztec Gold

Not to be confused with

A brew called Cooper Old


There\u2019s Smoty Ale

And Sparkling Ale and

Strawberry Blond

Quite pale


An Anzac Ale

A Blushing Blond

A wheat Beer

Of which I\u2019m fond


True Aussie Bitter, Green Neck Lager

Fresh Draught it is a dream

Heritage Lager, Pilsner

An one they call it Steam


There\u2019s Irish Stout and Stouter Stout

Best Extra Stout quite dark

And Non- Alcoholic beverage

To drink in a public park


Also Questions asked quite frequently

A Glossary to boot

You\u2019ll find upon reading

It rely is a hoot


There\u2019s Adjunct, Conditioning,

Brewmaster, Dry Hopping and Attenuation

Ester, Ethanol Final Gravity

Head Retention, Hops and Fermentation.


So if you\u2019re looking for the answers

To make a real good brew

The forum boys will supply them

Some even will be real true







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